Pallet Rack Wire Decking


  • For 1-5/8″ step beams
  • Double waterfall
  • 2500 lb. UDL
GUARTANTEED SAFE CHECKOUT (300 x 300 px) (300 x 150 px)


Pallet Rack Wire Decking: Your Solution for Heavy-duty Storage Needs

Looking for a reliable and durable solution for your pallet rack system? Look no further than B&C’s pallet rack wire decking.  All B&C’s pallet rack wire decking will fit our 1-5/8″ step beams and all rated capacities are based on 2500 lb. UDL (Uniformly Distributed Load).  This means you can trust that our wire decking can handle heavy loads without compromising safety.  Our pallet rack decking ensures maximum stability and support for your stored items.

Upgrade your storage system today with B&C’s pallet rack wire decking.

View our guide to fit decks to beam lengths

pallet rack wire decking

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Wire Deck Depth

36" Deep, 42" Deep, 48" Deep

Wire Deck Width

46" Wide, 52" Wide, 58" Wide

Wire Deck Capacity

2500 lbs UDL, 2000 lbs UDL


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