Belt Driven Live Roller

Belt Driven Live Roller (BDLR) Conveyors are an integral part of modern material handling solutions, offering efficient and versatile means of moving goods within a facility. These conveyors are especially popular in industries where the handling of cartons, totes, and other unit loads is required. The primary function of BDLR conveyors is to transport products smoothly and consistently, making them a preferred choice for distribution centers, manufacturing plants, and warehousing operations.

Mechanism and Design:

The fundamental mechanism of BDLR conveyors involves a belt that runs beneath the rollers, driving them to rotate and thus move the goods placed on top. The belt is typically pushed up under the rollers by a lifting roller, creating a seamless movement. This design allows for efficient transportation of items in the opposite direction of the belt's movement.

BDLR conveyors come in various design variations to cater to different industrial needs. These include options with different roller diameters, belt types, and frame materials. Some designs allow for the accumulation of products, enabling a temporary halt in movement without stopping the conveyor belt, which is useful in sorting and packing operations. The adaptability in design ensures that BDLR conveyors can be tailored to specific material handling requirements, making them a flexible solution in diverse industrial settings.