Warehouse Mezzanines for Added Space and Higher Efficiency

Looking for an efficient solution to optimize your warehouse or storage space? Our Wildeck and Cogan mezzanines are here to deliver, providing additional space for storage, warehousing, tool cribs, catwalks, order picking, manufacturing, and equipment platforms. As a trusted Wildeck distributor, we bring you quality and reliability in one package.


Imagine easily doubling your floor space, making your work easier and more efficient. Say goodbye to cluttered, disorganized and unmanageable storage areas. Welcome to an organized and efficient storage space of the future!

Features and Benefits

  • Double your floor space with mezzanines customized for your facility and application.
  • Strong and sturdy constructions ensure your mezzanine is both safe and durable.
  • Innovative, nut-and-bolt systems designed for easy expansion, relocation, and temporary or permanent installation. Other benefits include ease of assembly and minimal disruption to your facility’s daily operations.
  • To keep your purchase looking new we also offer Starrguard Rail Systems to prevent accidental bumps from damaging your product
  • Accelerated capital equipment depreciation by qualifying for a seven-year cycle instead of a thirty-nine-year period that comes with a permanent building improvement.