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Pallet Rack Beams

Pallet rack beams for warehouse racking are primarily distinguished by their connection types, with each design catering to specific storage needs and ensuring secure beam-to-frame connections. The most popular among these is the teardrop beam, renowned for its strength and boltless design. This design eliminates the need for nuts and bolts, as the teardrop-shaped rivets compress into corresponding slots on the pallet uprights, locking the beam securely in place. This mechanism ensures the beam remains firmly attached, preventing slippage without the need for forcible lifting.

Teardrop beams are highly versatile and compatible with a wide range of racking products. Their ease of integration into both existing and new racking systems allows for quick and straightforward installation, making them a preferred choice for various warehouse layouts. This adaptability, combined with their boltless installation, makes teardrop beams a practical solution for enhancing warehouse efficiency and safety.

Another popular type is the slotted beam, characterized by its connection to elongated rectangular slots on slotted pallet uprights. These beams offer an extremely strong and durable connection, ideal for handling heavy and bulky loads. Slotted beams are particularly beneficial in applications where weight retention is a primary concern, providing enhanced security and stability. Due to their larger and heavier nature, slotted beams are generally more suited to permanent or semi-permanent warehouse setups, offering a reliable solution for long-term, heavy-duty storage requirements.

Together, teardrop and slotted pallet rack beams form the backbone of efficient warehouse racking systems, each offering unique advantages in terms of strength, versatility, and installation ease, catering to a wide array of warehouse storage needs.

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Pallet Rack Step Beams

  • Universal Teardrop Style Connectors
  • Color:  Orange
  • Beams are sold individually
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