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B & C is a premier distributor of a wide variety of material handling products.  What separates us from the big guys is the care we put into every order placed.  Being a small business allows us to see every order that comes through and make sure it is the perfect fit for each customer.  

If for whatever reason you cannot find the product you are looking for be sure to check out our SMO catalog and contact a team member to get the best pricing on any peiece of equipment you need. 

Kinetic caster


pallet racking

Selective Pallet Racking

cantilever racking with examples of different supplies that can be stacked on them

Cantilever Racking



crane system in a warehouse

Crane Systems

fall arress systems harness

Fall Arrest Systems

pallet jack

Pallet Jacks

lift truck

Lift Trucks

three lift tables from southworth

Lift Tables

mezzanine quote


modular office in a plant

Modular Buildings