Accumulation Conveyors

Role of Accumulation Conveyors: They act as buffer zones in material handling systems, holding products until downstream operations are ready. They ensure high-throughput and high-density accumulation of products of varying sizes, shapes, and weights while preserving product integrity.

Choosing the Right Conveyor: Selecting the appropriate conveyor technology requires considering the product mix, throughput rate requirements, and key tradeoffs to meet operational goals effectively​.

Operational Considerations: Current accumulation lines operate at high speeds (up to 400 fpm) with minimal noise, precise control, and specialized release modes to handle different product mixes and minimize issues like side-by-sides and back pressure.

Types of Accumulation Conveyors: medium-pressure, zero-pressure, and zero-contact accumulation conveyors. These types regulate product flow through automated systems, allowing smoother operations and adapting to fluctuations in product movement.


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Medium-Pressure Accumulation Conveyor: This type uses a flat drive belt to apply adjustable pressure to conveyor rollers, creating back pressure on accumulated products. It's effective for handling similar-sized products that can withstand slight back pressure. However, it may lead to operational issues like product damage or jams, especially with varied product sizes​​.

Zero-Pressure Accumulation Conveyor: These conveyors have rollers divided into zones that drop in sequence as products accumulate, using a flat narrow belt or padded chain driven by pneumatic actuators. They allow products to coast to a stop without pressure, minimizing the risk of jams or damage. This type is suitable for a wide range of product sizes and weights​.

Advancements in Conveyor Technology: Modern zero-pressure accumulation conveyors have improved significantly, now using photoelectric technology for better product detection and control, leading to lower maintenance and operating noise​.

Zero Contact Accumulation Conveyor: This type offers the best carton control and the lowest risk of product damage. It uses motor-driven rollers and "run-on-demand" technology for energy efficiency, low noise, and no back pressure, but has a lower throughput rate compared to other types​.