Structural Cantilever Racking System – Starter Kit – Single Sided


What comes with our Starter kits

  • (2) W9.7 Towers
  • (2) Bases equal in length to the Arms
  • (4) Arms for 8-12′ Towers
  • (6) Arms for 16′ Towers
  • Bracing both Horizontal Bracing & X-Bracing
  • Hardware included except for anchors
  • Color is Safety Orange
GUARTANTEED SAFE CHECKOUT (300 x 300 px) (300 x 150 px)

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Structural Cantilever Racking System – Starter Kit – Single Sided

When it comes to optimizing your storage solutions, our Single Sided Cantilever Racking System stands out with unmatched durability and versatility. Engineered to handle heavy-duty loads, this cantilever racking system offers robust support for various applications. With cantilever uprights reaching heights of up to 192 inches and arms extending up to 60 inches, our system provides the flexibility and strength required for your storage needs. Made from heavy-duty W9.7 steel and finished in safety orange for visibility, this rack system ensures safety and reliability in your warehouse. Plus, all necessary hardware is included, making setup seamless and hassle-free.

Key Features

Cantilever Uprights: Tower heights up to 192 inches for maximum vertical storage.image portraying a cantilever rack tower

Cantilever Arms: Arm lengths up to 60 inches to accommodate various load sizes.

image portraying a cantilever rack arm

Spacing: Upright spacing up to 60 inches for customizable storage configurations.

Material: Constructed from heavy-duty W9.7 steel for durability and strength.

Color: Safety orange for enhanced visibility and workplace safety.

Complete Hardware: Includes all necessary hardware for easy assembly. (anchors not included)

Choosing the Right Cantilever Racking System for Your Application

Selecting the ideal cantilever racking system involves considering the type and weight of the materials you need to store, the available warehouse space, and the desired ease of access. Our single sided cantilever racks are perfect for storing long, bulky items such as pipes, lumber, and metal sheets. Evaluate your storage requirements, such as the length and weight of the materials, to ensure you choose the right upright height and arm length. For optimal efficiency, ensure the upright spacing aligns with your load dimensions, allowing for easy access and organization.

Use Cases for Cantilever Rack Systems

Cantilever Pipe Rack
– Ideal for storing long pipes and tubing.
– Prevents sagging and damage by providing stable support.
– Easy access for loading and unloading.

Cantilever Lumber Rack
– Perfect for lumber storage, including planks, boards, and beams.
– Keeps wood off the ground, reducing warping and damage.
– Simplifies inventory management and material selection.

Cantilever Metal Rack
– Designed for heavy metal storage such as steel bars and sheets.
– Supports significant weight without compromising stability.
– Enhances workplace safety by organizing heavy materials efficiently.

Furniture Cantilever Rack
– Suitable for storing long or bulky furniture pieces.
– Maximizes space in furniture warehouses.
– Provides clear visibility and easy access to inventory.

Our cantilever racking system is versatile and engineered to meet the highest safety and efficiency standards in warehouse racks. Whether you need a cantilever storage rack for pipes, lumber, metal, or furniture, our single sided system offers the perfect solution.

Enhance your warehouse’s storage capabilities with a single sided cantilever rack system. Designed for heavy-duty applications to ensure safety, efficiency, and durability. Invest in the best cantilever racking solution today and streamline your storage operations.



Additional information

Weight N/A
Upright Height

, , ,

Cantilever Arm Length

36", 48", 60"

Cantilever Arm Capacity

2640 lbs, 3260 lbs, 3300 lbs

Cantilever Bracing (X&H)

48" Tower Spacing, 60" Tower Spacing


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