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Reach Trucks

Reach trucks are designed to optimize efficiency and performance in your warehouse operations. With their advanced features and capabilities, these trucks are ideal for reaching and maneuvering palletized loads at high elevations. The ergonomic design ensures comfortable and effortless handling, allowing operators to work efficiently for extended periods. Equipped with powerful motors and precise controls, these reach trucks deliver exceptional performance, enabling smooth acceleration and precise positioning of heavy loads. The sturdy construction and durable materials used make these trucks highly reliable and long-lasting. Whether you are looking to maximize storage capacity or improve productivity in your warehouse, these reach trucks are the perfect solution.

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ER15L Walkie Reach Truck

Walkie Reach Truck, Raised Height 138″, Cap 3,300 lbs, Side Shifting Forks


The ER15L Walkie Reach Truck is designed with the combination of the versatility of a forklift, reach truck and a walkie stacker. It is ideal for loading and unloading trucks, loading docks, stock rooms, manufacturing floors and warehousing. Made from high quality steel and components with durable quality drives to withstand any terrain, usage, impact and…

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Most Used Quality Walkie Reach Truck

Walkie Reach Truck, Raised Height 177″, Cap 3,300 lbs, Side Shift

  • Raised Height 177″
  • Cap 3,300 lbs,
  • Side Shift Forks
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