EZ Up EZU Series:

This Pneumatic Series Lift Series uses shop air to lift and position loads. These Pneumatic Lifts contain no electrical or hydraulic components. The power coated steel protects the steel steel from whatever application that comes its way. EZ Up Lifts reduce risk of injury for workers by doing the heavy the lifting bringing the load to the optimal level. Uses for these tables include Clean Rooms, Paint Stations, Food Processing Facilities to name a few. Anywhere a clean economical lift is needed these Pneumatic tables just may be the perfect fit.

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Model Travel (in.) Platform Size (In.) Height (in.) Capacity (lbs) Ship Weight (lbs)
MIN MAX @90 PSI @100 PSI
EZU-15 20" 28” X 48” 9.6" 29.6" 1500 1700 480
EZU-15-R 20" 43” Diameter 10.6" 30.6" 1500 1700 525
Ezu-15-R-SS 20” 43” Diameter 10.6” 30.6” 1500 1700 525

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