Freestanding Workstation Bridge Cranes

This system does not put stress on your buildings overhead structure being a freestanding structure. Installation is more straight forward with the eliminated need for an engineer to check what existing overhead supports can hold. If the need arises this system can be moved an reassembled, only needing a required 6 inches of concrete floor to support the system.

This System is right for you when

  • The building you occupy is rented or leased. These bolt-together systems can be easily relocated to another location.
  • If you want the option to easily expand or modify your overhead crane system.
  • When it is deemed your roof support is inadequate for a ceiling-mounted system. Freestanding Bridge Cranes only require a 6 inch reinforced concrete floor for installation.
  • You need overhead crane coverage over a large area. This system can be up to 40 feet wide with an unlimited length, also with an option of interconnected parallel systems your entire facility can have coverage.

This system has the capability to replace multiple cranes with just one fluid system.

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