Articulating Jib Cranes:

Articulating Jib Cranes can position loads in places other Jibs cannot. With easy rotation and consistent responsiveness across its coverage area, position your load becomes a breeze. When there is an obstacle in the way, you can easily maneuver around and position the load as needed. When it comes to versatility you cannot find another crane like it. We can supply the right crane for you with load capacities can be anywhere between 150 - 2,000 pounds. 
- Spanco is the Only manufacturer of internally piped air of Articulating Jib Cranes 
- These Cranes support nearly any type of manipulator, balancer, or hoist  

Mounting Options:

  • 400 Series - Bridge Mounted and Ceiling Mounted: 360 Degree Rotation
  • 401 Series - Wall Mounted: 200 Degree Rotation for inner arm and 360 Degree for outer arm
  • 402 Series - Free Standing: 360 Degree Rotation

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