T Series Gantry Cranes:

Spanco is the maker of this unique series that offers three way adjustability for span, height, and tread. This allows for use on uneven floors for example and passage through doorways or under mezzanines.

Why Spanco T Series?

  • Superior Stability: The A-Frame design virtually eliminates swaying that commonly happens with similar three way adjustable gantries.
  • Adjustable Span: The exclusive Spanloc™ design ensures the I-Beam is securely held while adjustments are being made and then after.
  • Adjustable Height: Adjusting the height of this system is easy, you can go up or down in 6 inch intervals using push/pull pins on the main legs.
  • Heavy Duty Casters: The casters on this series are designed to protect floors from damage with a polyurethane design. Theses casters also provide a four position swivel locks.
Types: Capacities: Overall Height: Span Lengths:
All Steel Up to 10 Tons Up to 24 Feet 3 Inches Up to 40 Feet
Aluminum I-Beam Up to 3 Tons Up to 22 Feet Up to 15 Feet

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