Portable Aluminum Gantry Cranes

When you are looking for a lightweight Gantry Crane, this series starts has an option starting as low as 116 pounds. This series can be quickly assembled and disassembled making them very popular with contractors who need to take equipment from job to job. With the fully disassembled version of this crane, going up stairs or any other challenging location becomes a breeze. The aluminum series is also corrosion resistant, which works great for controlled environments such as clean rooms.


  • Height Adjustments -Adjustable in 6 inch increments, using spring loaded locking pins that automatically engage when next increment is reached.
  • Adjustable Span - Makes crane travel easier shortening the span to fit through aisles and doorways.
  • Heavy Duty Casters - These heavy-duty casters include Swivel Locking features and Polyurethane Wheels for added floor protection.

This aluminum gantry cranes series can be customized for your project.

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