A Series Gantry Cranes:

These systems are lightweight, portable, and low cost compared to other options in the market today. The A-frame design provides a sturdy base for added stability while lifting. Depending on your needs this system can offer up to a 10 ton capacity with up to a 40 foot span on standard models. If you need to shorten the span to fit through a smaller opening, span kits are available and offer a DIY installation guide. The A Series can provide the efficiency and value needed in a portable Gantry crane.

Types: Capacities Height Under I-Beam Span Lengths
Steel W/ Adjustable Height Up to 10 Tons Up to 16 Feet Up to 40 Feet
Steel W/ Fixed Height Up to 10 Tons Up to 16 Feet Up to 40 Feet
Aluminum W/ Adjustable Span + Height Up to 3 Tons Up to 12 Feet 2 Inches Up to 20 Feet W/ 1 Ton Models

These systems can be customized, Let our staff help you with your options.

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