Revvo Casters

The Colson Group's division, Revvo, stands out in the caster and wheel industry. Known for their innovative designs, especially the patented kingpinless caster, Revvo excels in using polyurethane for durable heavy-duty tires.

Their product line includes light to heavy-duty casters, supporting up to 3,080 lbs, and specialized casters like Flexello, capable of up to 2,400 lbs. Revvo's wheels are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and reliability, with additional options like top plates, brakes, and locks available.

Moreover, their range features unique products such as low-profile and specialty casters, including jacking and scaffold types. The 'Revvothane' polyurethane wheels are particularly noteworthy for their robust, tear-resistant properties.

In essence, Revvo is a go-to source for top-quality, versatile casters and wheels suitable for a wide range of applications.

revvo casters

Popular Revvo Caster Products

Medical Casters

Revvo medical equipment and hospital bed casters have been meticulously designed to embody flexibility and ease of use, ensuring ergonomic operation. They demand minimal maintenance, which contributes to their extended longevity, making them a reliable choice for healthcare settings. Crafted from materials of superior quality and subjected to strict quality control measures, these swivel casters stand out for their durability and performance.

These casters boast unique and aesthetically pleasing designs, making them perfectly suited for a variety of medical applications. They are an ideal match for hospital beds, as well as for equipment used in anesthetic procedures, diagnostics, and treatments. Moreover, their versatility extends to a broad spectrum of medical and hospital furniture, electronic devices, and appliances, where they add value not just in functionality but also in enhancing the overall design and usability of these items.

Industrial Casters

The Colson 2 Series casters are highly sought-after in the industrial sector for their 1-1/4 inch wide design, capable of supporting loads up to 325 lbs. per caster. These casters are designed for enduring mobility and come with a three-year warranty, making them a reliable choice for various light to medium duty applications like carts, racks, and cabinets. The zinc plating on these casters not only adds to their aesthetic appeal but also provides a robust finish that resists common corrosion. The casters feature full double ball hardened raceways, enhancing both performance and swivel mobility. Pre-lubricated with 'Colson 45' multi-temp grease, they operate efficiently in both warm and cool environments. The 2 Series casters are distinguished by their hollow axle design, incorporating grease holes in the wheel bearing for simplified maintenance. For corrosion resistance, the Colson 2 Series Stainless Series is recommended. For applications requiring higher load capacities or a wider wheel base for stability, the Colson 3 Series or 4 Series are excellent upgrades, offering capacities up to 1,250 lbs. per caster and wheel treads that range from 1-1/2 to 2 inches wide

revvo industrial casters
Revvo Special Duty casters

Special Duty

Revvo Caster offers a unique selection of specialized casters for various applications. These include casters for ISO containers, jacking, gang boxes, scaffolds, aviation cargo handling, recessed cabinets, and floor locks. Each type is designed to meet the specific demands of these applications, ensuring reliability and high performance in challenging environments.

Low Profile Casters

The low-profile casters from Revvo Caster are perfectly suited for a range of applications where high performance is required without adding significant height. These casters are ideal for business machines, appliances, store displays, and mobile fixtures, providing stability and ease of movement. They also excel in environments where light-duty carts and furniture are used, offering a balance of strength and discreet integration under various types of equipment and displays.

Revvo Low Profile Casters

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