Bassick Casters

A true American manufacturing legend with a history dating back to 1878, has been dedicated to crafting exceptional casters for over a century. With a legacy of excellence in mobility solutions, Bassick has earned a reputation that's as solid as its casters.

Now part of the esteemed Shepherd Caster Corporation family, Bassick combines its rich heritage with modern efficiency. This means they can tackle even the most colossal orders with speed and precision, ensuring that your mobility needs are met promptly, regardless of the scale.

One of the reasons why Bassick shines in the caster industry is due to its specialization in various caster applications. Whether you're looking for casters for retail point-of-purchase (POP) displays, medical equipment, food service carts, or heavy-duty material handling, Bassick has you covered. Their diverse range of casters is engineered to cater to these specific niches, so you can trust in the quality and reliability that comes with their expertise.

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Popular Bassick Caster Products

BLS/BMS series bassick

BLS/BMS Series

The BLS/BMS Series represents one of the most durable caster lines ever produced, accompanied by the market's most innovative brake design: The Sure-Lok Brake. This exceptionally sturdy caster line provides a range of sizes, wheels, and brake options to ensure that all application requirements are fully met. The revolutionary Sure-Lok Brake design simplifies the task of braking heavy-duty casters, designed to achieve the highest load capacity within a sleek, low-profile structure.

BDS/BDR Series

The BDS/BDR Series seamlessly blends superior performance and design within a low overall profile, showcasing remarkable load-carrying capabilities. A sophisticated touch is added to the BDS/BDR Series with a highly polished chrome finish, elevating the overall aesthetic of the product. The soft, non-marking precision bearing wheels offer remarkable smoothness and ease of movement, leaving a lasting impression as the product effortlessly moves and pivots.

BDS/BDR Bassick casters
00 series Bassick

00 Series

The 00 Series serves as an ideal solution for low-profile applications demanding substantial load capacities. It presents the customer with a choice between dual or single-wheel configurations, featuring a wide array of wheel types and fastening options. Additionally, the optional brake design includes a generously sized brake lever for effortless activation when securing the unit in position. Its combination of a low overall height and impressive load-carrying capabilities has solidified the 00 Series as a favored caster option for store fixtures, electronic equipment, and business machines among customers.

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