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Albion stands as a global frontrunner in the design and manufacture of institutional and industrial casters and wheels. The company's growth has been fueled by undertaking the challenges that others shy away from. Many of its bespoke-designed casters have set industry benchmarks. Albion's team of skilled engineers, armed with cutting-edge design and manufacturing technologies, crafts casters that ensure peak performance for a wide array of applications, load requirements, working conditions, and budgets.

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Popular Albion Caster Series

330 series

330 Series

The 330 Series is designed for the most demanding tasks, featuring a robust, precision-engineered swivel section made of high-grade 316 stainless steel, along with a 304 stainless steel rig. Both elements are meticulously polished to enhance their appearance. This series is particularly suited for environments where it's regularly exposed to cleaning agents, intense wash-downs, corrosive solutions, steam, marine conditions, or any other elements that might cause rust.

Every part of these casters, including the ball bearings in the kingpinless swivel section, is crafted from stainless steel. The absence of a kingpin in these casters prevents the most common cause of caster failure. Additionally, the kingpinless design boosts the ergonomic performance of the casters, making them a better choice for reducing physical strain on employees.

110 Series

The 110 Series stands out for applications that encounter rough conditions or are subject to significant impact and shock, thanks to its precision-engineered raceways and construction that's fully heat-treated for enhanced durability. Superior to other models with case or induction-hardened construction, the 110 Series offers greater longevity than traditional kingpin casters. With their kingpinless design, they remove the risk of kingpin failure, which is the most common reason for caster breakdown. Additionally, the zinc plating not only adds a visually appealing aspect but also serves as a protective layer.


  • Ergonomic
  • Heavy Duty Kingpinless
  • Kingpinless
  • Medium Heavy Duty Caster
  • Towable
110 series
16 series albion caster

16 Series

The 16 Series casters by Albion are the leading choice for 2-inch wide industrial movement solutions. Crafted in the United States, the 16 Series caster rigs guarantee rapid delivery and heightened quality control. A considerable selection of the wheel options is also produced domestically. The application of zinc plating not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also boosts resistance to corrosion, thereby extending the lifespan of the casters

95 Series TRL (Tapered Thrust Swivel)

This favored series of casters features a precision roller bearing for load and thrust in the swivel section, known concisely as "TRL". The rigs are meticulously machined to ensure an extended lifespan with an enhanced capacity, suitable for extremely tough usage. Constructed from AISI 1045 drop-forged steel, these casters are built to last.



  • 5/8″-thick AISI 1045 drop-forged steel top plate and yoke base, precision-machined for bearings (swivel rigs)
  • 7″ diameter machined raceway with a precision tapered roller bearing, protected by a forged labyrinth skirt
  • Thrust raceway with 1-1/4″ tapered roller bearing
  • 1/2″ steel plate legs, formed for greater strength and welded to yoke base, inside and out
  • 1-1/4″ king bolt, integrally forged with top plate, machined and threaded
  • 1-1/4″ solid axle and lock nut
95 trl series albion caster

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