Footmaster Leveling Caster, 92 mm Square Top Plate, 1,650 lbs Capacity


  • 3″ dia. wheel
  • 92mm x 92mm mounting plate
  • 1,650 lbs. capacity
GUARTANTEED SAFE CHECKOUT (300 x 300 px) (300 x 150 px)

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FootMaster Leveling Casters

The FootMaster GD-100F Leveling Caster is an epitome of engineering precision and robust design, tailored for industrial applications where stability and mobility are paramount. This premium caster is a key component for enhancing the functionality and maneuverability of heavy machinery, workstations, and industrial equipment.

Key Features:

  • Optimal Leveling Capability: Engineered for precision, the GD-100 ensures optimum leveling at 50% of the total capacity of four casters, providing unmatched stability and support for heavy loads.
  • High Load Capacity: With a formidable 1650 lbs load rating, this caster is designed to accommodate substantial weights, making it ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.
  • Durable Wheel Design: The caster features a 75mm Nylon 66 wheel, known for its strength and resilience, ensuring smooth movement and longevity even in demanding industrial environments.
  • Patent-Protected Technology: Equipped with patent-protected anti-vibration axles and ratcheting mechanisms, the GD-100 guarantees a smooth, stable operation, reducing wear and tear on both the caster and the floor.
  • Hardened Steel Raceway Sleeve: This feature enhances the durability and performance of the caster, ensuring it can withstand rigorous use in industrial settings.
  • Cast Aluminum Body: The body of the GD-100 is made from high-quality cast aluminum, available in finishes like iconic ivory or flat black, offering not only strength but also a sleek, professional appearance.
  • Height Adjustable Foot Pad: For added versatility, the caster includes a height-adjustable foot pad, allowing for easy adaptation to varying floor conditions and equipment requirements.

The FootMaster GD-100 is ideally suited for a variety of industrial applications, including but not limited to manufacturing assembly lines, heavy machinery, laboratory equipment, and mobile workstations. Its robust construction and adaptable design make it a reliable choice for enhancing operational efficiency and safety in diverse industrial environments.

Additional information

Weight 3.600000 lbs
Caster Type


1,251 – 2,500 LBS

Top Plate Size

Wheel Type


Wheel Diameter



Wheel Tread



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